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Legal Media Group's Expert Guides series has been an invaluable and indispensable source of guidance for in-house counsel in large corporations worldwide, since its inception in 1994. These practice area guides are designed primarily for individuals who require access to World’s leading practitioners in specific areas of law for the purpose of instruction on an international basis.

The nomination is run in four stages: general nomination, independent research, candidates selection, and shortlisting.

General nomination
We approach legal practitioners in more than 90 jurisdictions and invite them to submit the candidates for the leading practitioners (from outside their own firms) for each practice area we research. We ask reasons for nominations and seek any additional background as to why an individual should be included in the list.

Candidates selection
We validate the submissions, rank all eligible individuals and select the candidates who pass a certain nomination threshold.

We conduct telephone interviews to discuss this list with a select group of advisers.

Independent research
We use the unique resources of Legal Media Group’s array of magazine titles, directories, awards and events, a year-round supply of press releases, and a well developed database of contacts.

This ensures a fair, balanced and objective selection process.

At the culmination of the process we are able to identify those specialists of considerable repute in that aspect of law, typically in some 50-60 jurisdictions. Once nominated, each individual is invited to enhance his or her complimentary listing by publishing a professional biography. Those submitting biographies are encouraged to provide information that might be of particular interest to clients. Where professional etiquette permits details of notable clients and cases is requested.

The Expert Guides series is not intended as a substitute for legal advice and users should seek advice from qualified lawyers. The guides owe their value to the hundreds of individuals who take the time to complete questionnaires and meet our researchers. Their help is much appreciated.

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