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The Human Equation

A mid-sized independent law firm in Warsaw, Laszczuk & Partners has been operating since 1989 – over a quarter of a century. Its exclusive focus is business law, offering a full range of legal services to companies and cooperating with numerous other firms in Poland and abroad.

At Laszczuk & Partners, we have always placed the greatest stress on the high quality of the services we provide, and this means that it is vital for us to recruit the right staff and build a team made up of only the most highly qualified people. But we also place great importance on the lawyer's personality. We strive to identify candidates who will enrich our team with their individuality and who offer the skills, capacities and character that will contribute to the successful, long-term growth of the firm and its practice.

In terms of firm culture, we have developed a set of core values guiding us in our work:

  • Integrity – engagement in work, concern for the client's interest, living up to commitments, being fair in dealings with others, ethics
  • Efficiency – providing optimal solutions, the best ratio of results to effort, combining high competencies with flexibility and speed
  • Quality – providing solutions that are carefully thought out, useful, accurate, understandable and effective
  • Relationships – building relations based on trust and a sense of security
  • Development – improvements in organization, gaining new competencies, personal growth, seeking new practice areas, with continuity and stability in action
  • Distinguishing ourselves – taking our own path, asserting independence.

Involving these values in our everyday work and in the recruitment process helps us attract, hire and retain people who not only offer substantive knowledge, but also share our work ethic and contribute to building a loyal and harmonious team.

We count on long-term cooperation, believing that this is the best path to building an exceptional team, but also for developing the competencies of our lawyers and support staff and delivering the highest-quality services to our clients. Long-term cooperation with our lawyers means that our clients can always look to experienced lawyers for delivery of legal services.

Our commitment to investing in our lawyers' knowledge and experience generates the desired results. Compared to other law firms in Poland, the level of attrition and turnover among our lawyers is very low. This obviously helps our lawyers build long-term relationships with our clients on a foundation of trust. Many members of our current legal team have worked with the firm for many years, beginning as student interns and advancing to partnership in the firm. My own case is a good example of this career path. I began working with Laszczuk & Partners in 2005 as a 5th-year law student. While continuing to work at the firm, I completed my university studies, pursued and completed the trainee program and qualified as an advocate and a tax adviser. Continuing my practice, I gained the essential professional knowhow so that after 10 years at the firm I became a partner. A similar career path was pursued by Justyna Szpara, who started at the firm as a student intern and is now the managing partner.

We pay close attention to the high level of substantive knowledge of our lawyers early on, at the stage of recruitment of student interns. We compete to get the best students and graduates of Poland's law schools to join our team. We are closely connected to the community of law students and advocate trainees. Lawyers from the firm conduct lectures for students at the university and in the bar training program. We offer paid internships for law students. For many years we have also conducted a program providing fully paid positions for top graduates of the law faculty at the University of Warsaw. In addition, this year we offered paid internships to members of the runner-up team in the nationwide Commercial Arbitration Moot Court organized by the European Law Students Association – ELSA Poland, reinforcing the firm's recognized standing in the field of commercial arbitration.

We follow strictly defined rules for the work of young lawyers at our firm. First, young lawyers at the launch of their professional career are required to work across a range of fields of law, so that they gain universal grounding in legal practice for business clients and are exposed to the fields which they will later decide to concentrate in. The work of junior lawyers is closely supervised by senior lawyers. Often the supervising lawyer will be the junior lawyer's designated mentor, training the younger colleague in the practical legal skills of drafting pleadings and opinions as well as the "softer" but vital skills of client relations, firm culture and work ethic. Often this duo of junior and senior lawyer share an office so that the younger lawyer can observe the senior colleague's work up-close. Over time, as young lawyers gain greater experience and command of their tasks, we entrust them with more and more responsible tasks, encouraging them to assume greater autonomy and develop direct dealings with clients. With this approach, we are confident that the high standard of the legal services the firm provides its clients will be maintained over the next generation.

At our firm we also value diversity and equality. We work to promote the involvement of women lawyers in pursuing a more balanced legal profession. Regardless of gender, it is substantive knowledge, commitment, competence, hard and soft skills that are of overriding importance for our firm. We strongly believe that equal opportunity for individuals is the best foundation for the growth and development of the firm and the profession. The best confirmation of this is that the managing partner of Laszczuk & Partners is a woman – still a rare occurrence in Polish law firms.