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Rising Stars: The research and the methodology

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Legal Media Group’s Rising Stars 2016

When published in 1994, the Expert Guides were the first-ever guides dedicated to leading individuals in the legal industry. Since then we have continued to focus on individuals considered by peers and clients to be the best in their respective fields. This principle and concept has been extended to Rising Stars and we are launching the first edition of the series this year.

The Rising Stars guide represents a listing of the brightest and most talented practitioners in the area of business law and related practices. We classify rising stars (RS) as recently appointed partners or senior associates - who have already been recognised for their work in the background of important transactions.

Our objective is to identify energetic, professional and skilful upcoming talent who have already demonstrated their status in recent notable transactions and who are on the right track for future partnership and leadership in the field where they operate.

To recognise rising stars, we have sent over 10,000 questionnaires to senior practitioners involved in each practice area in more than 80 jurisdictions, asking them to nominate individuals as defined above.

All nominees have been independently offered the opportunity to enhance their listing with a professional biography. They give readers valuable and detailed information on each practitioner’s specialisation and work.

We owe the success of this guide to all individuals and firms that filled in the questionnaire and helped with candidates selection. We hope you will find the guide to be a useful tool and information source for the next generation of leaders in the legal business.

All information was believed to be correct at the time of going to press.

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