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New rules for Private Equity Funds and its impacts on Real Estate and Agribusiness Investments

The Brazilian Securities Exchange Commission (Comissão de Valores Mobiliários – "CVM") has recently issued two new sets of rules relating to private equity funds (called Fundos de Investimento em Participações or "FIPs" in Portuguese), which implemented substantial changes to the formation,...

Enforcing Arbitral Awards that Have Been Set Aside in the Seat Where the Award Was Made – Different Approaches Towards the Same Thorny Issue

The issue of whether an arbitral award that has been annulled or set aside in the seat of the arbitration can nonetheless still be enforced in another jurisdiction is one that continues to generate diverging viewpoints

Recognition and Enforcement of an International Arbitral Award Under Sections 51 and 52 of the Nigerian Arbitration and Conciliation Act

In Sundersons Limited & Milan Nigeria Limited v. Cruiser shipping PTE Limited & Universal Navigation PTE Limited1 the Court of Appeal in Nigeria interpreted the provisions of Sections 51 and 52 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act CAP A18, LFN 2004 in favour of the recognition and enforcement of...

Genentech v Hoechst/Sanofi: new insights regarding the control of conformity by French courts of international arbitral awards with “international public policy”

For over ten years, since a 2004 Thales decision of the Paris Court of Appeal, followed in 2008 by an SNF decision of the Cour de cassation, the French highest court in civil and commercial matters, French courts have taken a restrictive position regarding the extent to which a court can review the...