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Recent Amendments Introduced to the Law No. 4054 on Protection of Competition

After rounds of revisions and failed attempts of enactment over a span of several years, the proposal for an amendment to the Law No. 4054 on Protection of Competition (“Law no. 4054”) (“Amendment Proposal”) has finally been approved by the Turkish parliament, namely the Grand National Assembly of...

Q&A with Chris Roberge of Deloitte

A convergence of three key events have transformed Asia Pacific: rise of the AP domestic consumer, shifting of trade routes due to geopolitics and diverging economic growths, and COVID-19


Deloitte Asia Pacific Regional Profile

Deloitte Asia Pacific brings together our tax and legal professionals to provide a seamless and one-stop-shop client experience across geographical boundaries and offer them one door to the future


Q&A with Andrew J Wilde of Deloitte

Across the entire NSE & ME practice, we’ve seen two major changes – around both technology/digitisation and a related change in the impact of that on the legal market


Deloitte NSE Regional Profile

As our clients operate in a more globally connected way than ever before, we have been taking steps to create fewer, more integrated member firms across our global network


Deloitte Canada Regional Profile

Deloitte Canada offers public and private clients a broad range of fully integrated services that span tax and legal, assurance and advisory, risk management, financial advisory and consulting


Deloitte United States Regional Profile

Deloitte Tax LLP provides industry-leading tax services to many of the world’s most admired brands delivering measurable and lasting results by reimaging how these clients navigate the increasing change and complexity in the tax profession


Deloitte LATAM Regional Profile

Our broad network allows us to deploy the right local and regional teams quickly. The Latin America and Caribbean tax teams consist of over 5,730 professionalsbacked by approximately 115,000 and 264,000 regional and global professionals, respectively, across all businesses